Smallest grow box, highest yield

MiniGrow is a unique small grow box, optimized to grow and flourish one single plant in a perfect environment. Pamper your plant with the help of hypermodern light- and computer-technology and grow the best yield possible on a small footprint. Designed to be small, MiniGrow fits in any interior. It is easy and enjoyable to grow your favorite plant in the smallest and best quality grow box available!

PlantyOne - One plant grow box
The grow box with the cool design

Indoor to InHome

MiniGrow is designed to fit in any interior, small or large. With it’s sturdy design and small dimensions, MiniGrow is a welcome companion in your living, study or bedroom. Family and friends may not even notice, since MiniGrow runs in stealth mode: no light leakage, no odour and no noise.

The grow box with the best lightengine

Hypermodern technology

Inside, hypermodern technology enables your favorite plant to get maximum yield from a small footprint. Since light is the best nutrition for your plant, a smart and powerful light engine simulates the sun and the seasons that your plant needs. The lightspectrum is optimized to maximize yield while keeping your plant small. Several sensors and a built-in camera are connected to a microprocessor. Monitor the conditions of your favorite plant 24/7 on your mobile phone or tablet with the MiniGrow App.

No experience? Become an expert with the App

It’s fun and relaxing to interact with your plant and to improve your growing skills with every grow cycle. Seeing your plant develop is like bonding with your plant. With the MiniGrow App, you can start growing without any experience and become an expert in maximize yield on your square-foot. Use the power of the crowd and learn from your peers across the world to create even greater results. MiniGrow and it’s App provides easy instructions to learn ‘the art of growing’ in small spaces.

PlantyOne grow box - control it with your app
PlantyOne - the grow box made in Holland
Made In Holland

The MiniGrow grow box is developed, designed and made in Holland. The smart and solid construction makes the best use of the space and optimizes airflow. The used parts and components are of the highest quality and the best available in the market. The tailormade 60W high-efficient LED-engine provide an abundant and targeted light spectrum: the best way to pamper your plant. Redundantly applied components like fans and sensors are maximizing reliability. Stealth-mode is really taken seriously, e.g., two 120mm fans reduce noise to a practically unhearable noise level. This unique combination of quality, design and technology makes MiniGrow the ultimate ‘in-home gadget’!