Smallest grow box, highest yield

MiniGrow is a unique small grow box, optimized to grow and flourish one single plant in a perfect environment. Grow the best yield possible on a small footprint with the help of hypermodern light- and computer technology. Designed to be small, MiniGrow fits in any interior. It is easy and enjoyable to grow your favorite plant in the smallest and best quality grow box available!


MiniGrow is designed to fit in any interior, small or large and is a welcome companion in your living, study or bedroom. Family and friends may not even notice, since MiniGrow runs in stealth mode: quiet, no light leakage, no odor.

Hypermodern technology

Inside, hypermodern technology enables your favorite plant to get maximum yield from a square-foot. Light is the best nutrition for your plant. A smart and powerful light engine simulates the sun and the seasons that your plant needs and is optimized to maximize yield while keeping your plant small. Minigrow has several built-in sensors and a camera to monitor and control the conditions of your favorite plant 24/7.

The App

Use the App to control and monitor your grow from your phone or tablet. No experience? Pick an existing grow recipe from the database to start and automate your grow. Already experienced? Customize recipes or create your own and improve your growing skills with every grow cycle.

Made in Holland

MiniGrow grow box is designed and manufactured in Holland. The construction is designed to make the best use of the available space. Parts and components are of the highest quality available in the market. Redundantly applied components for maximizing reliability. Our 3D design and manufacturing process enables us to keep innovating and provide Minigrow users with enhancements and the latest innovations once they come available. The unique combination of quality, design and technology makes Minigrowbox the ultimate ‘in-home gadget’!



  • Dimensions: 382*400*720 mm (15 x 15.7 x 28.3”) (w*d*h)
  • Finish: high quality matt white with oak veneer
  • Fontpanel: fully removable to enable easy access
  • 100% light blocking when closed


  • Power: 90W high-quality Cree and Osram LEDS, 58W dissipated
  • Dimmability: 0 - 100%
  • Individually adjustable LEDS groups: Grow, Flower, White, Infrared
  • Full spectrum: 400 - 730 nm, blue enhanced. Ideal spectrum for small and very potent plants
  • Control: use pre-set or custom recipes to control light schedules


  • Two tailor made activated carbon filters
  • Quiet operation, high quality low noise fans
  • More than 100 gram activated coconut carbon per filter
  • Easily replacable activated carbon medium without tools required


  • Wifi standard 802.11 b/g/n WiFi bands supported
  • Local wifi control mode if no Wifi network connection is available


  • A camera to monitor your plant anywhere anytime
  • Various sensors like temperature and humidity
  • Additional sensors and accessories will be available over time. Connectors are available already for multisensor and a heater-pad.


Availability and Ordering
Minigrow will be available for online orders now in Holland first at Dutch Headshop. Shipping starts from June onwards. Other European countries will follow shortly after.
Minigrowbox cost € 1.299,- including VAT, excluding shipping costs if you order online on our website. We recommend to buy Minigrowbox via our distributors. They offer better deals and a startpackage.
No additional costs are required for growing your plant. You can use any kind of soil, pot, nutrition that you like and keep the costs minimal. We will recommend several nutrition products over time, but you are free to use whatever you want. Minigrow doesn’t need expensive proprietary nutrition or CO2 packages that will increase the cost of your grows. The carbon filter-medium needs to be replaced once every few months.
Our distributors and first customers have tested Minigrowbox for more than 12 months. Both beginners and experienced growers have grown several plants. Results are published online.
Minigrow is designed to grow one plant to its maximum potential.
Yes. Put a seed or small plant into the ground and choose a recipe in the App to start your grow. The recipe contains instructions for the grow and automates the lightscheme from seed to harvest. Watering the plant once in a while is the only thing you need to do. Use the App to monitor the plant conditions and environment during all phases of the grow.
Yes. Minigrowbox is designed for maximize yield on a small space. Plants don't need to be tall. Experienced growers can optimize results in several ways:
  • using more advanced bending and cutting techniques to keep the plant small and better use the area. Built in clamps and strings makes this an easy job. The powerful LED panel short on the canopy maximizes light effectiveness.
  • LED colors like blue, red, white and infrared can be controlled and dimmed individually and allow advanced light schemes to keep plants shorter and focus on flowering by making better use of specific wavelengths like infrared.
  • more advanced recipes are provided with instructions to improve your skills and techniques with every grow.
It is really fun and relaxing to learn the art of growing on a square feet.
You can grow herbs, vegetables, medicine and other plants. Our recipe database will grow in the future to contain recipes for several plant types. Althought the light spectrum helps to keep plants small, it is recommended to pick small to medium strains.
Minigrowbox is the smallest growbox available. Interior growing space is approximately 14 x 14,2 x 32" (35 x 36 x 61cm). For one plant to grow and flower with maximum results, the size is perfect. LED lights are most effective when relatively close to the canopy. Energy is put into flowering more than into growing plants tall.
We have tried many prototype grows, both using smaller and taller strains. Although most plants can be grown in Minigrowbox, we recommend not using the biggest strains unless more advanced growing, bending and cutting techniques are applied. The light spectrum is designed to keep plants a bit smaller than usual and focus on flowering energy.
The size is a perfect balance between a small grow box and a good yield of one single plant at the same time.
Minigrow uses soil as main growing medium. Although we have done many hydro-phonic tests, our panel of users and distributors preferred soil based medium for two reasons.
  • Soil is the easiest and most proven medium. Less error-prone and resulting in high yields for both beginners and expert growers.
  • It is much cheaper since you don’t need any expensive – proprietary - nutrition cartridges.
We will provide recipes for several general available nutrition packages that you can use.
Currently, you can get seeds from your local or online store. Our distributors will provide all kind of seeds and other needs for your grow. You just have to tell what recipe you use and all you need for the grow will be provided. We have already partnerships with seed companies, which will be announced soon. If you are located in Holland or Western Europe, please visit for purchasing your seeds and needs.
Minigrowbox uses a safe ‘laptop’ power device. The box uses between 0,75kWh and 1,4 kWh per day. To compare, Minigrowbox uses the same power as a 70W lightbulb. To compare: An average fridge uses 3kWh per day.
Minigrowbox uses 30 * 3W led diodes of the best quality available Cree and Osram LEDS. These are more expensive than other LEDs but are much more effective and durable than the other, cheaper brands. Total dissipated power is about 58W. The lightspectrum is optimized to maximize yield and keep the plant small at the same time. The LEDs are 100% dimmable and can be adjusted per group. LED groups for grow phase, flower phase, white and infrared wavelength can be adjusted individually from 0-100%. The amount of light is optimized for the growing space.
App and connectivity
Yes. Either use the Android or iOs App or use the WebApp functionality on any device or browser-based platform.
No phone or tablet? use the WebApp browser-based version to run it as a website application.
Minigrow is able to be operated in fallback mode if the WiFi network connections drops. The grow will continue since the recipe is loaded in the Minigrowbox itself. The operation mode is based on a basic webApp where the phone directly connects to the Minigrowbox WiFi access point.
Preferrably. The App is based on a WiFi network connection. Minigrow works off of the standard 802.11 b/g/n WiFi bands. If not connected to a WiFi network, the Minigrowbox can still be operated in local mode, although the functionality is more basic.
One of the main requirements for a growbox is to run in 'stealth' mode: don't see, hear or smell it.
Stealth is a complex requirement, especially when used in the living-, bed- or studyroom. Stealth in the first place means that the box should fit, even blend into, the environment. Design and size enables Minigrowbox to be placed almost everywhere in the house. With the frontdoor closed, it is just a nice piece of design furniture that doesn't look like a growbox at all.
Stealth also means not smelling odors. Two patent-pending carbon filters are designed to filter the air and remove odor particles. The difficulty is that filters normally generate noise. We have spend many, many hours on designing a very effective filter unit that runs very quiet, which is key if the gow box is placed close to you.
A smart construction design blocks light once the door is closed. If the door is open, the light could be set to white-only to also get rid of the dominant purple color if desired.
Innovation is all we do. Instead of manufacturing in China, our design and manufacturing process is based on agile 3D CAD design software, 3D printing manufacturing and local CNC-mill factories. This allows us to be agile and respond fast on new innovations and customer needs.
New innovations and products enhancements will come in several areas, like new sensors, a new watering/nutrition pump, selflearning algorithms in the software and other useful accessoires.
Customers will be able to upgrade Minigrowbox with new functionality in the future.